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Blotchy/ uneven skin tone? Common suspects + Tips!

Blotchy/ uneven skin tone? Common suspects + Tips!

These four things could really change the way you see your skin!


I’m putting this as number one because lighting is seriously everything. I woke up this morning and looked in the mirror and was horrified because my skin looked really uneven and blotchy, orange in some places. Then I look a compact mirror and looked at my skin by the window in natural light. It looked completely normal. It wasn’t perfect obviously but it wasn’t what I had seen under the warm lighting of my bathroom.

This is why natural lighting is so important! Sometimes warm, yellow lighting is not the most flattering thing in the world. Have you ever done your make up in the bathroom and then on your way to work, caught sight of your foundation in the car mirror and thought, what on earth did I do? I have! So many times!

You can remmedy this by getting a different type of light bulb in your bathroom, or getting a standing mirror and evaluating your skin/doing your make-up by natural light. Trust me, it makes all the difference!

Vitamin E

This vitamin is actually pretty cool! Vitamin E aids in circulating nutrients and oxygen to the skin surface. That’s why it is said that it’s good for wound healing and other skin irritations. I remember when I was struggling with cystic acne a few years ago, I researched the hell out of vitamins that helped in repairing the skin. Vitamin E was one of the ones that came up the most as a vitamin that helped the skin heal and recover quickly.

According to an article by Livestrong, almost everyone has low levels of vitamin E because it’s relatively rare in foods we consume everyday. Some of the higher food sources of viatmin E include, almonds, spinach, tomato, dark leafy greens, and sweet potato. If you are experiencing tired, blotchy skin, try to up your vitamin E intake by consuming more of these foods.

Note: eating cooked spinach/leafy greens make the vitamins more absorbable. For example 100g of raw spinach has 2.03mg of vitamin E whereas 100g of cooked spinach as 2.08mg. Not a huge difference, but its good to know you don’t have to eat these plants raw to benefit from them.

(used MyFoodData comparison tool. Its great if you want to see what nutrients are in what you are consuming:


Again, when I had severe acne, I knew how important the role of water was in healing my skin. I drank SO much water everyday. I was really good about it and the habit stayed with me even after my acne battle was over.

However, becasuse in my mind I know I’m really good about drinking water consistently, I’ll forget for a few days to drink water. I know that sounds crazy. I don’t know why, it just happens. I get really busy at work and grab my coffee instead or will be so focused on doing other things for my skin that I forget the basic foundation I need for great skin!

All this to say, that over the past week when I realized I had been only drinking maybe 16 ounces of water a day, I noticed my skin getting really uneven and tired looking. This is actually pretty cool that my body is teling me I need to hydrate! It’s annoying it has to be a visual que, buy hey, I’m kind of used to my skin telling me everything I need to know about what’s happening in my body. lol literally everything!


I knew sugar was bad for you, but researching it related to skin health, I now know just how bad it really is. Of course if you have problem skin of any kind, you know that you want to avoid inflammation. Certain food allergies will cause inflammation in some such as a dairy allergy or a gluten allergy.

Sugar causes inflammation in everyone. Now some people are more prone to inflammation (like me) and it will show up somewhere, like I don’t know, your face! I know it sucks, it really, really does. However, it does keep people with acne/skin problems healthy if they are doing something about it. Staying away from sugar and other foods that cause inflammation is a good thing and will be better for not only your skin now, but your overall health in the future.

I know everyone says this, but if you are experiencing inflammation, you need to track what foods you are eating. For example, I usually know exactly why I breakout/have blotchy skin. I can trace it back to a sugary cocktail I had (by the way I HATE cocktails and I don’t even know why I ordered one), the cinnamon roll I said I’d have A bite of and then ate the whole thing, the maple syrup I had in excess because it’s a “natural sweetner” and “won’t act like processed sugar.” Yea. It’s all sugar.

Try cutting out sugar for a month. I know it seems like a long time, but it could be that your body needs a break. Maybe you are thinking it’s not worth it and a the end of it, what if it’s not a cure all. But then again, what if it is?! It’s completely worth it to see how your skin and body react.


Has anyone noticed similar reactions?  Any other tips I should know about? Comment below!

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